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Twas The Week Before Christmas

'Twas the week before Christmas, when Congress met,
So eager they were, to pile on the debt;
They knew it was wrong, deep down in their core,
But golly gee whiz, they must spend, spend some more;
With constituents distracted by holiday cheer,
Why, this was their chance, to spend more this year;
So the politicians huddled, they plotted, they planned,
$1 trillion, $2 trillion, how much could they scam?
And thatís when it happened, Reid and Pelosi stood up,
"Whatís another $2 trillion, the voters are chumps!"
They raised the debt ceiling with nary a care,
And once that was done, they didnít stop there;
More rapid than eagles, agendas were set,
They whistled and shouted, "No, weíre not done yet!"
"On health care, on taxes, on Carbon Cap-and-Trade,
"Weíll say itís the rich, but everyone pays!"
"And for those who oppose us," Reid and Pelosi insist,
"One call to the White House, youíre on the enemies list!"
And so they proceeded with their devilish plans,
Big government to all, constituents be damned.